Expatriate Quota,  refers to the allowable number of non-citizens to be employed by businesses operating or wishing to operate in The Gambia.


The Expatriate Quota Secretariat at the Gambia Immigration Department, under the Ministry of Interior, is located at No. 12 Clarkson/Fitzgerald Street, Banjul is supervised  by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, Regional Integration and Employment. It is the administrative arm of the Expatriate Quota Allocation Board responsible for all-administrative work, documentation, record keeping, receiving and processing applications, monitoring and enforcement of the expatriate quota. The Officer Commanding Expatriate Quota Secretariat heads the Secretariat.


The Secretariat shall be responsible for:

  1. Sale of Expatriate Quota application forms;
  2. Receiving and processing all applications forms to ensure compliance with the set criteria;

Collating all applications forms and submit to the Coordinator for review and onward submission to the Expatriate Quota Allocation Board;

  1. Issuing a demand note to the applicant after the approval of the application for payments to be made at GRA;
  2. Issuing an Expatriate Quota Certificate to the applicant after payment of fee at GRA
  3. Keeping database of all data relating to Expatriate Quota;
  4. The Secretariat shall submit monthly reports to the Board through the Coordinator on those establishments that paid for the Expatriate Quota and Monitoring reports.
  5. Compile all Expatriate Quota fee payments received by GRA and reports submitted to the Coordinator.



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