Vision & Mission and Value


A digitally integrated smart government and nation.


Empower Gambia’s public sector and residents with smart and innovative cutting-edge digital solutions in all spheres of the public domain that promote collaboration, efficiency, inclusion, and accessibility; leading the coordination and standardization of the design, implementation and management of comprehensive ICT initiatives and services; and fostering digital transformation and the realization of the digital economy.

Core Values:
  • P – Proactive: actively seek to build and improve robust digital infrastructure and services to ensure that systems are running efficiently in an accurate, effective, and optimized manner.
  • A – Adaptability: demonstrate agility and preparedness to navigate an ever-evolving digital ecosystem.
  • P – Partnership: nurture effective consultation and collaboration amongst public and private stakeholders for mutual benefits.
  • C – Creativity: Take the lead in innovation to foster technological progress.
  • I – Integrity: adhere to the highest ethical standards, upholding transparency, honesty, and accountability in everything undertaken.
  • E – Excellence: facilitate constant learning and strive to accomplish high-quality ICT/digital services.
  • P – People-centered: prioritize the needs and expectations of public by embracing and promoting equitable access.
  • S – Sustainability: embrace availability, access and affordability of user-friendly and efficient solutions.
  • Leading The Gambia’s Digital Future